Colt 1911 – lowpoly gun
3D , Projects / March 6, 2014

 Software used: Modelling: 3D studio max 2014 Texture baking: xNormal Textures: Adobe Photoshop 3D preview Another week, so I have another lowpoly model – Colt 1911. Workflow was identical with my Tommy gun model (Create high poly version > create lowpoly > bake textures > paint texutres ), except 1 detail. For baking maps I’ve used xNormal, instead of 3Ds max baking feature. xNormal is great little utility for baking all kind of maps not just normal and AO. And also it is capable convertor between types of textures (tangent-space normal map to cavity map, ordinary photos to normal map…) and realtime 3D viewer. Best thing about xNormal is the price – it’s free ! So here are the pictures: Next time, we will do some viking stuff ! Download model [wpdm_file id=3]  

Thompson 1928 lowpoly game model
3D , Projects / February 21, 2014

3D preview In pursuit of getting better in 3ds max lowpoly modelling and UV mapping I paid  for Digital Tutors membership and tried one of many their tutorials on this subject. When I saw tutorial Build a tommy gun for use in game  by Maciej Jura I knew I must try it. I must say, that Maciej did very good job with explaing simple and also advanced stuff. It’s complete guide to make game-ready weapon from scratch complete with textures. It suitable for beginners, so I skipped some parts and did some parts by myself, differently from Maciej. But result was unbelievable. I never thought I am capable of something like this. Well it’s not 100% perfect, it has it’s flaws in normal map, but I am pretty satified with result. See for yourself.   One thing I thought I finally learn from this tutorial was how to avoid seams when creating textures, Unfortunetaly, this tutorial doesn’t explain nor do seamless texturing. Download model here: [wpdm_file id=4]

Modelling Skoda fabia mk1 in 3dsMAX
3D , Projects / January 13, 2014

In the middle of exam season I remembered, that I haven’t finished my Skoda Fabia. And because I had so much learning for exams, naturally I had to finish it now. Modelling was pretty easy, except headlights, which I screw up every time. I used polygonal modelling as always (I am afraid of NURBS and other things which has anything in common with splines). And studio render. Studio render whould be final for this model, but this time I wanted to take it step further. So I started building this little scene. And render with materials But the scene looked bit empty, even on reflection you can see, there is not much to reflect. So I added some details to the scene. Now this looks much better, so with this setup I have made final render in vray with standard settings: GI on Primary bounces: Irradiance map (medium quality) Secondary bounces: Brute force AO on HDRI for environment and ambient lightning Depth of field on Displacement edge length 4 pixels Resolution 720p Get it on

Modelling ladybug in 3ds MAX
3D , Projects / July 20, 2013

This time I tried some organic modelling. This was pretty out of my reach for the time being, so the results are pretty poor :D. It was my aim to test myself, if I am ready to start with organic modelling and results are clear. I think I should stick with non-organic modelling for a while. This was my plan: Study anatomy of ladybug Draw “blueprints” and some scene with ladybug Model base mesh in 3Ds MAX Load up base mesh in mudbox and add detailing and textures, then export normal maps and color maps. Load it up again in 3Ds MAX and render it with vray Here are pictures of progress:       Here is turntable video of mudbox sculpting result:            

Modelling Skoda Felicia Facelift in 3ds MAX
3D , Projects / June 30, 2013

Another week, another model car model. This is last car model in near future. Next time I will try to make something more organic. Used classic method of polygonal modelling from 2 tubes for fenders and so on. Here are some pictures from progress:       I didn’t do it in 2 days, I just didn’t do any screenshots. Whole thing took me about one week of lazy work, every day few hours. It could have been done in 2-3 days. Next time I will be doing some organic work with insect, so stay tuned. Buy on

Modelling Ford Focus Mk I in 3ds MAX
3D , Projects / June 25, 2013

This time I chose to make Ford Focus Mk I as another practice of modelling. I own this car, so it was little bit easier than I though in the beginning. I made decision to make “high” poly model ( high in quotes, because, it’s not that detailed as it should, but it isn’t also low poly). I tried to make it piece by piece, independently, just to try out this method. It was pretty easy model, not sure if because of new method or the fact I know this car from bottom to top. But anyway, here is my progress: Here is the detail of wheel: And final mesh: Testing HDRi. And here is the final render:   Overall I am pretty pleased with model, only thing which I don’t like are headlights, I couldn’t model it as I wanted, so they are pretty bad.  But hey, I am still learning. Next practice model is Skoda Felicia.

Modelling Lada Niva 3ds MAX
3D , Projects / June 3, 2013

I have decided to continue learning modelling after 5 year pause. As my first “comeback” model, just to remember all the things I forgot, I have chosen old Lada Niva. Below you can see what I got after few hours.  From beginning it should be low-poly model for game, but later I decided to make high-poly mode, which made it little bit more difficult than expected. Below is the first render of complete car. I wasn’t very happy with result,  lots of non-smooth areas. After I changed my mind to make high poly model, it was essential to make some serious changes about textures. Below you can see my first experiment with bump-mapped transparent headlight instead of plain texture. And final form of headlight is below. Next thing to change were wheels, which were originally just textured tubes. First model looked like this: But I wasn’t very happy with tread and sidewall so I made tread deeper and more off side. Here is final version of wheel: And here you can take look at final mesh of car:   For rendering I made simple studio scene with 3 lights (main, fill and backlight):   And here is final render, which…