Next Car Game a.k.a. new Flatout from Bugbear – tech demo released
Games , Hobby / November 22, 2013

For those who did not notice  Bugbear entertainment (developer of Flatout series) announced new game, which they decided make without publisher. Working name for this title is Next Car Game, for copyright reasons, because they are only developers, publisher owns franchise  name Flatout. To make this work without publisher, Bugbear started preorders and kickstarter, to fund this project. As developers said  there are no funding goals to meet, game will be certainly released. Funding is there for extra stuff, to make game exactly like customers want. You can make suggestions on official forum. Here is the short video from sneak peek release for pre-order customers: The game is running smoothly, even with almost 30 AI cars. I strongly recommend for those who liked first Flatout, to take a look and pre-order Next Car Game. There are many pre-order packages, which include custom skins for cars or name listed in-game credits. Game will be also released on Steam and customers will get keys. You can pre-order here ->