Colt 1911 – lowpoly gun
3D , Projects / March 6, 2014

 Software used: Modelling: 3D studio max 2014 Texture baking: xNormal Textures: Adobe Photoshop 3D preview Another week, so I have another lowpoly model – Colt 1911. Workflow was identical with my Tommy gun model (Create high poly version > create lowpoly > bake textures > paint texutres ), except 1 detail. For baking maps I’ve used xNormal, instead of 3Ds max baking feature. xNormal is great little utility for baking all kind of maps not just normal and AO. And also it is capable convertor between types of textures (tangent-space normal map to cavity map, ordinary photos to normal map…) and realtime 3D viewer. Best thing about xNormal is the price – it’s free ! So here are the pictures: Next time, we will do some viking stuff ! Download model [wpdm_file id=3]  

Modelling Skoda fabia mk1 in 3dsMAX
3D , Projects / January 13, 2014

In the middle of exam season I remembered, that I haven’t finished my Skoda Fabia. And because I had so much learning for exams, naturally I had to finish it now. Modelling was pretty easy, except headlights, which I screw up every time. I used polygonal modelling as always (I am afraid of NURBS and other things which has anything in common with splines). And studio render. Studio render whould be final for this model, but this time I wanted to take it step further. So I started building this little scene. And render with materials But the scene looked bit empty, even on reflection you can see, there is not much to reflect. So I added some details to the scene. Now this looks much better, so with this setup I have made final render in vray with standard settings: GI on Primary bounces: Irradiance map (medium quality) Secondary bounces: Brute force AO on HDRI for environment and ambient lightning Depth of field on Displacement edge length 4 pixels Resolution 720p Get it on