Thompson 1928 lowpoly game model
3D , Projects / February 21, 2014

3D preview In pursuit of getting better in 3ds max lowpoly modelling and UV mapping I paid  for Digital Tutors membership and tried one of many their tutorials on this subject. When I saw tutorial Build a tommy gun for use in game  by Maciej Jura I knew I must try it. I must say, that Maciej did very good job with explaing simple and also advanced stuff. It’s complete guide to make game-ready weapon from scratch complete with textures. It suitable for beginners, so I skipped some parts and did some parts by myself, differently from Maciej. But result was unbelievable. I never thought I am capable of something like this. Well it’s not 100% perfect, it has it’s flaws in normal map, but I am pretty satified with result. See for yourself.   One thing I thought I finally learn from this tutorial was how to avoid seams when creating textures, Unfortunetaly, this tutorial doesn’t explain nor do seamless texturing. Download model here: [wpdm_file id=4]