How to change default file explorer directory (shortcut win+E) to This PC in Windows 10
Tips , Windows / August 5, 2015

After upgrade to Windows 10 you could encounter some minor changes in UI. One of most confusing decisions for me by Microsoft was to change function of shortcut win+E.  In older versions it launched This PC. I was using it since Windows 7 because I didn’t want to always double-click on This PC on desktop. I was happy until I upgraded to Windows 10 and now instead of launching This PC it launches some kind of “Recent files” called Quick Access. But don’t worry, Microsoft left us choice to set it back to normal. Buy I am really confused why would they change so old shortcut . So here is how you can set shortcut win+R to point to This PC:  Open any folder in explorer  Goto View > Options  Change “Open File Explorer to:” to This PC Thats it ! Enjoy your old habits.